Onsenji Yumedono Ryokan

Accommodations near Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji

Tel. 0555-72-6111

6677 Funatsu Fujikawaguchiko-machi Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi



Check in: 15:00 - 17:00, Check out: 11:00

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Onsenji Yumedono Ryokan located in Kawaguchiko near Mount Fuji

Onsenji Yumedono is a luxurious Ryokan, or Japanese style inn, located in the Kawaguchi resort area near Mount Fuji in Japan.

As well as being known as a splendid Onsen or hot springs, there is fantastic views of Mount Fuji, a place considered very sacred by the Japanese. We offer accommodations with very exclusive services and excellent Japanese cuisine

The appearance of our Ryokan is in the old Japanese castle style and usually always overwhelms people by its grandiose architecture and surrounding natural beauty. Guest rooms are luxurious with a royal atmosphere in harmony with the beauty of the ryokan's architecture. Every guest room has its own private open-air bathroom or Onsen(hot springs) and is a perfect place to enjoy sensual Japanese rituals of relaxation without any disturbances.

Onsenji Yumedono can be considered a dream palace, since the Japanese word 'yume' means dream and 'dono' means palace. Staying at our Ryokan will be a lasting, memorable experience in the art of traditional Japanese accommodations.

Three Reasons

Private open-air baths (onsen) in all guest rooms
Fantastic views of Mount Fuji
Traditional Japanese architecture & excellent cuisine

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Shuttle Pick Up Service If you call us (0555-72-6111) when you arrive at Kawaguchiko Station, we will come and pick you up.

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