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Unique Japan, an online shop featuring a collection of handcrafted products from Japan

At Unique Japan we are proud to offer quality products that represent a remarkable balance between modern life and tradition. Products that fit the pace and design of contemporary lives and homes, produced with the care and precision found only in time-honored techniques.

All of the products we choose to exhibit at Unique Japan were created by artists and designers who, through their remarkable work, demonstrate the highest respect and appreciation for tradition, hands-on skills, craftsmanship, and culture. What makes our selections distinctive is the warmth and significance they all exude; each one has a story to tell, a special message to convey. Whether you're seeking to bring a little balance to your own busy home, or wish to express some affection for somebody special in your life, you'll find a treasure trove of meaningful and inspirational gifts at Unique Japan.

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The finest collection of handcrafted products from Japan.
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