The Sunlight Corner

Learn Cooking and Yoga in English and make Japanese friends at the Sunlight Corner

Tel. 03-3711-3332

Myrtle Court Ebisu Minami 2 - Room 101, 2-25-1 Ebisu Minami, Shibuya- ku, Tokyo

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Learn Cooking and Yoga in English and make Japanese friends at the Sunlight Corner in Ebisu

The Sunlight Corner is a bilingual culture school that opened in Ebisu in January 2011 and offers a variety of cooking classes in English and Japanese.

Teachers from more than 20 countries explain how to prepare authentic dishes from their homelands. Japanese cooking, sweets, bread, wine tasting and sake tasting classes are also available. Instruction is provided by former and current chefs, as well as foreign and Japanese mothers who are expert cooks and certified tasting instructors.

Semi-private yoga lessons for adults, parents and children, and teenagers are also available in English.

The Sunlight Corner is located in an upscale private residence that offers a cozy atmosphere just three minutes from Yebisu Garden Place.


• No entrance fee nor annual fee
• Cooking lessons start at 4,800 yen per person including instruction and ingredients
• Yoga class is 2,500 yen per person and 3,000 yen for a parent and a child, including instruction, free yoga mattress rental, herb tea and snacks

Three Reasons

Learn world cuisine cooking in English including Japanese Cuisine
Semi-private classes with an average of 6-7 students per cooking class and a max of five students per yoga class
A cozy, friendly atmosphere with all lessons held in a private residence in Ebisu

Map & Access Information


5min walk from JR Ebisu station. From JR Ebisu station, take the west exit and turn left towards the large coin parking lot (24h Times). Go up the steep hill on the right of the coin parking lot, pass Lawson, FamilyMart and Sunkus convenience stores. You will see the "Ebisu minami 1chome" signal at the top of the street, cross the street, the building in front of you is the apartment building. 恵比寿様の銅像がある西口に出たら、三井住友銀行を正面に立つと左側に 「24h Times」の大きなコインパーキングがあるので、その右側の急な坂を上り 、ローソン、ファミリーマートやサンクスを左手に通り過ぎます。坂の頂上に「恵比寿南1丁目」の信号があるので、信号を渡った目の前のマンショ ンです。

Directions for a Taxi Driver

The corner of Ebisu Minami Icchome 「恵比寿南1丁目」の交差点の角