CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La

Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo in Marunouchi

Tel. 03-6739-7888

Level 29 of Marunouchi Trust Tower Main, 1-8-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8283, Japan


10am - 10pm

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CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo in Marunouchi

Find respite in the heart of Tokyo. Indulge in a lavish and award-winning spa based on ancient Asian curative traditions, beliefs and rituals.

CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La, embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual well-being. Inspired by traditional Asian healing philosophies, our treatments are based upon the principles of restoring balance and harmony to mind and body.

Understanding Ch'i

In traditional Chinese philosophy, ch'i is the universal life force that governs well-being and personal vitality. For people to maintain good health, it is believed that ch'i must flow freely within the body.

Exercise, stretching, massage, hydrotherapy and movement of the mind through relaxation and meditation combined to assist the body's natural renewal, forming the basis of the CHI experience.

Three Reasons

Shangri-La' s own award-winning spa brand introduced in Japan for the first time
Luxurious private spa suites where guests enjoy their own space
Inspired by traditional Chinese and Himalayan healing philosophies

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シャングリ・ラ ホテル 東京 東京都 千代田区 丸の内1-8-3 丸の内トラストタワー本館