Exclusive benefits for corporations, chambers and individuals in Japan.

The KUDOS Member Benefits Program is managed by Aventa Japan - Smart Marketing & Lifestyle and provides members with significant savings to enhance their stays in Japan.

About KUDOS & FIRSTbenefit

KUDOS Member Benefits Program

What is the KUDOS Program?

The KUDOS Member Benefits Program was established in 2000 to serve the international community in Japan.

The program offers members exclusive benefits for your daily living needs and luxury desires to inspire you to experience the best Japan has to offer.

The KUDOS Member Benefits Program includes:

• Online Benefits via the FIRSTbenefit.jp Website

• Seasonal Contests & Giveaways

• Regular Email Magazines

• Seasonal Events

Individual Membership is ¥15,000 per year.

Corporate Membership from ¥5,000 per year.

KUDOS membership is included with memberships in CCCJ, ANZCCJ, and YC&AC.

Enrolling in the KUDOS Program can be done online.